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3.12% Daily
0.13% Hourly
MinIMUM: 0.002 BTC
Initial Deposit Back Anytime (Changed)
3.6% Daily
0.15% Hourly
MinIMUM: 1.001 BTC
Initial Deposit Back Anytime (Changed)
8% Daily
in 25 Days
MinIMUM: 0.002 BTC
MaxIMUM: Unlimited
Principal Included
hourly profit:
10.00000000 BTC
daily profit:
10.00000000 BTC
weekly profit:
10.00000000 BTC
Total Profit:
10.00000000 BTC

Investment offer

Bit Pool Investment's investment offer is open to all visitors. A special feature of our project are hourly accruals - your income only depends on the size of your deposit: 0.13%, 0.15% and 0.2% every 60 minutes.

Minimum deposit from which you can start your cooperation with the company is only 0.002 Bitcoin. If you want to convert Bitcoin in your local currency, use the handy online converter at

Your deposit can be for any amount, but not less than 0.002 Bitcoin, you can also have a few deposits at different amounts simultaneously: each deposit will have its own terms of accrual according to amount, as well as its own time of hourly accrual.

The profit will be accrued every 60 minutes when your deposit is activated. If you have several deposits, the accruals will occur several times an hour.

As soon as your balance will amount more than 0.0005 Bitcoin, you can make a request for withdrawal. All such requests are processed automatically and instantly.

Investment terms of Bit Pool Investment Ltd project involve working 24/7, which means that you earn every hour for 7 days a week.

This feature will be available after full 24 hours since addition your deposit. To get back a principal, click [Release] next to your deposit amount in your account. The deposit will be reflected on your account balance instantly.

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